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Risk Management & Insurance Services
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Full-Service Consulting

risk management & brokerage services

Developing program solutions to meet your needs. Our process is:

  1. Consultation with you and other stakeholders in your organization
  2. Thorough assessment of your business to identify the risks you face
  3. Customization of the program to address your unique risks
  4. Implementation including activation of policies/other key components
  5. Ongoing management and quarterly/annual reassessment of your risk

Initial Consultation

Our team has the experience to ask the right questions and to keep exploring until we have a full picture of your company.

Questions about your organization include:

  • Employees
  • Products and services
  • Hours of operation
  • Real property
  • Rolling stock
  • Leasing agreements
  • Inventory
  • Physical security
  • Information security
  • Customers
  • Industry-specific requirements
  • Your biggest fears

Assessment & Evaluation

This is the most important phase of the process – digging into your company’s areas of vulnerability so we can help identify ways to reduce or eliminate threats.

Risk Assessment

  • Analysis of the operation and current and potential risks
  • Financial stability review

Risk Management Evaluation

  • Review of your previous risk management program and activities
  • Includes specific and aggregate “Stop Loss” evaluation

Workers' Comp Evaluation

  • “Best Practices” review of your workers’ compensation program
  • Analysis of claims history and other activity

Health & Safety Program Evaluation

  • OSHA compliance review and gap analysis
  •  Identify ways to improve worker safety 

Our Commitment:

We're your active partner - year after year...

- Roger Garza, Founder

Risk Management Planning

Actuarial Analysis & Budgeting

  • A careful study of trends related to your operation is completed
  • Your budget projections and forecasting are based on this study

Business Continuity Planning

  •  Part of the process is an analysis of threats that could disrupt operations
  • These threats are included in your plan with contingency options

Acceptable Risk Consultation

  • To establish the level of risk you find acceptable
  • Plan finalization

Risk Reporting

  • Report includes budgeting and risk prioritization
  • A consultation is scheduled to determine your acceptable level of risk

As your risk management plan comes together, our employee benefits specialists will put together your custom-designed benefit plan.

Program Implementation

As soon as you have signed off on the risk management plan, our team goes into action.

  • Your chosen insurance policies are written and activated
  • We assist you with internal implementation activities, such as worker training

Hi-Tech Analysis & Advice

Old-Fashioned Customer Care

Dedicated Ongoing Management & Support

Our commitment to you: We’re your active partner year after year in reducing or eliminating risk

Policy Claim Assistance

  • Assistance in reviewing large claims
  • Management/oversight of individual claims
  • Claim resolution
  • Minimizing losses in closing claims

Certificate Validation

  • Your active insurance policy certificates are maintained
  • We assist with certificate validation

Coverage & Compliance Audits

  •  Regular reviews to assure adequate coverage is maintained
  • Proactive response to regulatory & business practice changes

Timely Policy Updates/Renewals

  • Your risk management plan includes policy renewal activities
  • We monitor renewal timelines to help you avoid gaps in coverage

Implementing your new employee benefit plan is just as important as your risk management plan. It’s easy with a single source for both plans.

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